For hotel owners, operators or the hotel investment community, a monthly subscription to the HIPO report provides unique insights into hotel profit contribution by offering a view into comprehensive patterns in both Guest-Paid Revenue and the Net Revenue they retain after removing commissions, loyalty and other channel costs.

With almost half of the U.S. hotel business coming through digital channels in 2018, and cost of sales at 15-25% of Guest-Paid Revenue, advanced metrics can be critical to anticipate the impact of digital trends on the industry’s profitability.

Kalibri Labs has the only industry database that can derive Net Revenue and Cost of Sales trends making them transparent nationally, by hotel segment and by market to help industry leaders take early action on upside opportunities and mitigate the downside risks.

Sample Content from HIPO Report:

hipo demand share.PNG

Quantify room night demand by source of business

ADR and Customer Acquisition Costs.PNG

Review Guest-Paid ADR & Cost of Customer Acquisition

new metrics card.PNG

Advanced metrics to anticipate changes in cycle strength and digital trends that impact profitability 

How to Read the Hotel Industry Performance Overview Report.

“Moving to Net Revenue metrics is key to understanding the true cost of customer acquisition and optimizing our business mix. This is a big focus of Two Roads for 2017. Kalibri Labs is instrumental in supporting me and my team through this educational process.”
— Kathleen Cullen, SVP Revenue & Distribution, Two Roads Hospitality