enhanced visibility into U.S. and market level trends in the hotel industry

“In the 1990’s top line revenue metrics were sufficient to track lodging performance. With ever increasing costs of customer acquisition, that is no longer the case. Today, monitoring and understanding next generation metrics like Guest Paid ADR, COPE %, booking lead time, length of stay and Loyalty Contribution are required to accurately interpret and anticipate future industry trends. The HIPO report delivers that information to you every month.”
— Mark Lomanno, Partner & Senior Advisor, Kalibri Labs

Owners, asset managers and developers are always trying to evaluate and predict a hotel’s revenue performance. Kalibri Labs aims to provide insight to the drivers of profit contribution by providing a unique and comprehensive view of the U.S. hotel landscape through the lens of Net Revenue.

Decades ago a hotel’s distribution options were limited, costs were static and simple to track. Today that has changed. Kalibri Labs aggregates those many fragmented costs, making them transparent and enabling a hotel to target the most profitable mix of business, its optimal business mix. 


  • Increased transparency into specific costs and profitability. 
  • Visibility into the market level and demand trends that affect the industry
  • Granular profiles of the underlying drivers of market conditions and fluctuations. 


With an annual subscription to HIPO, you will receive monthly updated insights sent directly to your inbox. Subscriptions are available for the U.S. Industry Overview as well as detailed Market Profiles in 25 top U.S. markets.  

Insights include:

Revenue types defined, included customer acquisition cost categories.

Revenue types defined, included customer acquisition cost categories.

  • Have costs increased at the same rate as Guest Paid ADR? Did the industry generate any Net Revenue Gains?
  • Which market has the highest Net ADR? How does demand share vary by weekend vs. weekday for each source of business?
  • What are guests actually paying for a room night? HIPO will illuminate the difference between Guest Paid, Hotel Collected and NET Revenue. 
  • Where is Length of Stay declining? Where is Booking Lead Time changing the most?
  • Which markets are growing or contracting? Which sources of business generate the highest profit margin?

HIPO includes cost data to view Net Revenue as well as sought -after new metrics like Loyalty Contribution, Booking Lead Time and Length of Stay.

“Moving to Net Revenue metrics is key to understanding the true cost of customer acquisition and optimizing our business mix. This is a big focus of Two Roads for 2017. Kalibri Labs is instrumental in supporting me and my team through this educational process.”
— Kathleen Cullen, SVP Revenue & Distribution, Two Roads Hospitality