To help sustain the health of the hotel industry by enabling hotel brands, owners and operators to improve profit contribution by evaluating revenue performance net of customer acquisition costs. 

About Us

Kalibri Labs evaluates and predicts revenue performance in the digital marketplace with its patent-pending, next-generation hotel benchmarking platform and reports.
The Kalibri Labs database is comprised of guest folio records, including cost of sales and source of business information, from over 31,000 hotels dating back more than 6 years to give an expansive view of the U.S. hotel industry.

Kalibri’s hotel benchmarking platform enables owners and operators to determine a hotel's optimal business mix and manage resources to achieve it. In combination with key external data streams such as Airbnb stay patterns and consumer review data, Kalibri Labs further characterizes the nature of demand in major markets to provide context for hotel operators to improve their performance. This data also provides insights for the hotel investment community to better understand opportunities for hotel transactions and development efforts.

About Our Name

Kalibri - From the latin word for hummingbird (Colibri)

  • Like a hummingbird moving forward and backward, Kalibri Labs looks backward to analyze your hotel’s historical data while moving forward to inform strategic planning for improved revenue performance
  • Calibrate - to compare against a standard and to refine through metrics or data.
  • Libra - the Greek goddess of balance and truth, a characteristic that reinforces sound business decisions.


Ongoing research and development are core to the innovation that Kalibri Labs brings to the hotel industry.

Kalibri Labs by the Numbers


We analyze over 5 billion transactions annually and add over 100 million per month.


We work with over 100 hotel brands.


We doubled in size in 2015 and in 2016 with local staff members.

We analyze over $150 billion in room revenue per year.