Hotel Direct-Booking Pushes Really Worked and Owners Were Big Winners

The bigger question, however, is whether these campaigns will still work in 2017 and beyond; offering discounted rates can only last for so long. Hotels need to start thinking about how they can ensure this momentum continues in the long run without having to use discounted rates.
—  Deanna Ting
Did Hilton succeed in convincing consumers to  “Stop Clicking Around? ” Did Marriott prove “ It pays to book direct “?

Did Hilton succeed in convincing consumers to “Stop Clicking Around?” Did Marriott prove “It pays to book direct“?

According to a new report from Kalibri Labs, they and their peers which launched direct- booking campaigns in 2016 certainly did.

Compiling data from its database of more than 25,000 hotels in the U.S., including validated costs and daily transactions directly sourced from the hotels’ systems, Kalibri Labs found that there was indeed a shift in consumer behavior toward sites versus online travel agencies such as or Expedia. More consumers than ever before chose to book direct versus booking on a third-party site.

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