book direct campaigns: 

the costs & benefits of loyalty

We are excited to release Book Direct Campaigns 2.0: The Costs and Benefits of Loyalty 2018 next week! Sign up below to be the first to receive the updated study.

As featured in  Hotel Management

As featured in Hotel Management

In 2016, many large hotel chains launched a series of initiatives to entice consumers to book through their direct channels, primarily their websites, rather than choosing to book through a third-party aggregator. These efforts focused around an offer of membership in the hotel brand loyalty programs which then enabled the new members to qualify for discounts on their current and future bookings. 

The results of an extensive study is now available at no charge to Kalibri Labs subscribers. The report analyzes industry impacts through a sample of 12,000 hotels and over 52 million detailed daily transactions along with actual cost of sales associated with those guest stays. 

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