Checking in with Cindy Estis Green

Checking In With Cindy Estis Green

Kalibri is from the Latin word for hummingbird. Much like the unusual, high-speed bird, Cindy Estis Green, co-founder and CEO of Kalibri Labs, a hospitality data analytics company based in Rockville, Md., is always moving forward to help hoteliers navigate the changing digital landscape. She sat down with LODGING to discuss her latest projects and how Kalibri is helping to advance hotel technology into the future.

Why did you start Kalibri Labs? About four years ago, I wrote Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels, which shed light on the distribution channels that affect the lodging industry. After I finished writing the initial study, I realized that there was a tremendous need in the industry for better intelligence regarding the digital marketplace, as well as revenue performance information that hotel companies, owners, and operators could act upon. That was what inspired me to start Kalibri Labs: The need to have intelligence about costs of customer acquisition combined with revenue performance; it didn’t exist. And our ability as an industry to understand the dynamics in the digital market will be exponentially improved by this summer, when we plan to release a follow-up to that initial analysis in collaboration with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA).

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