Made for hotel owners, operators and the hotel investment community, a monthly subscription to HIPO will keep you well-informed on emerging industry trends across the dynamic digital distribution landscape.

In addition to the traditional metrics of Hotel-Collected RevPAR, ADR and Occupancy, HIPO also displays breakouts of sought-after key metrics such as Net Revenue, Cost of Acquisition, Length of Stay, Booking Lead Time, Loyalty Contribution and Online Reputation (Global Review Index). It also features a new 12-month trendline tab to visualize trends across all key performance indicators.

With nearly half of U.S. hotel business acquired through digital channels and cost of acquisition sitting at 15-25% of Guest-Paid Revenue, the advanced metrics presented in HIPO are essential when striving to keep pace with the impact of digital trends on a market’s profitability. HIPO helps industry leaders take early action on upside opportunities and mitigate the downside risks.

In the monthly and year-to-date detail tabs, HIPO displays all performance metrics by channel, hotel type profile (rate bands similar to chain scale), property size and by major markets.



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Sample Content from HIPO Report:

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Quantify room night demand by channels

ADR and Customer Acquisition Costs.PNG

Review Guest-Paid ADR & Customer Acquisition Costs

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Use Advanced metrics to anticipate changes in cycle strength and digital trends that impact profitability