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Part 2: Maximizing your time in HummingbirdPXM

         If you have 10 minutes…


Execute strategies by uncovering agencies booking in your market


1.     Navigate to Third Party View. Select the time period you’d like to evaluate. Are you looking for agencies that booked in your market more recently? Or are you evaluating a full year to understand trends for RFP season? 

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2.     Create a targeted lead list for your sales team. Filter agency production by metrics that are important to your property. Do you have an ADR range you’re looking to stay within? What rate categories are you targeting? Are you going after a new channel, like or Voice, that you previously haven’t focused on? Download your new lead list to begin targeting.

3.     Learn about agency booking patterns in your market to find business that fits your properties needs. Select the agencies that you want to better understand. View their information by Month, Week, DoW, and more. Does their business fall over your need periods? Are the ADRs within your desired range by season?

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4.     Find specific information on agencies to make the best sales case possible. Click on the IATA link for an individual agency to see their booking patterns, metrics, associated corporate account, and contact information. Does this agency book business that you’re looking for? Do any of their associated corporate accounts have an office near your hotel? Take all the information you’ve gathered on these qualified agencies and start selling!

Want to learn more? Check out this lesson on Third Party View.


HummingbirdPXM is designed to cut through all the clutter hotel operators face everyday. Zero in on what opportunities in your market matter and understand how you and your team should be spending your time to capture the best revenue available!

Check out Part 1 in this series for more information on how to maximize your time in HummingbirdPXM.