In 2012, Cindy Estis Green co-authored the groundbreaking study Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels and delved into the implications of rising acquisition costs for hotels. She realized that in order to limit the dependence on high-cost channels, hotel owners and operators need to manage the balance between direct and third-party business. She also recognized that the industry needs to routinely measure the impact of customer acquisition costs on profit and monitor the actions taken to improve net revenue.

Cindy teamed up with Bob Bennett and together they launched Kalibri Labs as a way to offer the hospitality industry a platform to evaluate net revenue performance and manage the rising cost of customer acquisition to help keep the hospitality industry healthy and competitive.

Since 2012, major hotel companies, representing over 100 brands, have provided data to Kalibri Labs to develop a technology platform designed to assess hotel revenue performance net of customer acquisition costs.

As the first in the industry to provide transparency to customer acquisition costs through metrics that users can easily grasp and access, Kalibri Labs empowers hotel brands, owners and operators to implement integrated revenue strategy plans. The goal is to move toward a balance between direct and third party business that delivers optimal profit for hotels while meeting the needs of consumers.