Identify revenue opportunities by Channel, Rate Segment and individual Travel Agency, all displayed less cost of sales.


Hummingbird PXM is a powerful hotel revenue strategy platform built on the premise of net revenue metrics so owners and operators can determine their hotel's optimal business mix and maximize the profit contributions.

Analyze cost data to view Net Revenue as well as sought -after new metrics like Loyalty Contribution, Booking Lead Time and Length of Stay.

Available for the U.S. Market and more than 25 major MSAs (GEO HIPOs). This monthly subscription brings increased visibility and transparency to your hotel benchmarking by putting the industry or market's performance on display with more granularity. Insights are displayed by sources of business, booking lead time, length of stay and brand loyalty contribution and revenue figures are shown net of associated transaction and commission costs. 

Review trends in Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR with the option to evaluate performance based on the rates guests pay down to NET Revenue.

The Benchmark & Trendline Report illustrates which sources of business are driving profit contribution by comparing the subject hotel--or sub-market for development--to its selected competitors, with insights into cost of guest acquisition, revenue performance can be evaluated by Net Revenue as well as traditional top-line revenue. 

The Benchmark & Trendline Report enables developers, investors, brokers, lenders, appraisers and brands to make better informed decisions for all activities associated with acquisitions, underwriting, and site selection.

Evaluate the hotel-comparable    short-term rental penetration    and demand in your market

Evaluate the hotel-comparable short-term rental penetration and demand in your market

DMO Insights powered by our proprietary database delivers unparalleled transparency and granularity to your Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) or Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). Unique insights are broken down by source of business, booking lead time, length of stay, and brand loyalty contribution, and revenue figures are shown net of booking costs.

“CitizenM greatly benefited from our collaboration with Kalibri Labs on a real estate report. It helped us to better understand the opportunity within markets of consideration, and informed our decision making on what markets held the greatest development opportunity. Not only did we get the basic details of the market and comp sets, the Kalibri reports allowed us to fully understand the dynamics of the local market, including channel, cost and loyalty behavior.”
— Lennert de Jong, Chief Commercial Officer, citizenM Hotels
“It is critical that hoteliers fully understand the profitability that each distribution channel delivers. Our P&L’s are built on conscious planning and we need to focus on the net rather than the gross contribution when executing distribution strategies and tactics. The need for accurate and clear information to guide our decisions is manifest.”
— Mark Carrier, President, B.F. Saul Hospitality Group; AH&LA Chair of the Board