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The Hotel Industry Has Evolved, but Has Your Toolkit?

Next-Generation Data for 2020 and Beyond

Are you tired of trying to manage using the same old RevPAR report you’ve been getting since the ‘90s, back when front desk clerks still did the evening “call-around?” Are you receiving data that shows a problem with no hint about a solution?

Fact: You can’t use 20th century data to solve 21st century challenges. Legacy reports were created in the early ‘90s before OTAs, before the pricing transparency of the internet, before social media, and long before loyalty programs were even created. 

Gone are the days when RevPAR and occupancy was enough. Today’s growth and profitability are driven by channel mix, customer acquisition costs, consumer review scores, length of stay trends, loyalty programs, and leveraging the booking curve. A market with weak demand may struggle to book groups and a market that fills with too many groups may miss out on higher-rated transient customers later in the booking window.

Kalibri Labs Hotel Industry Performance Overview (HIPO) reports are the exclusive source of these actionable data insights.

6 Uses of the HIPO Report for 2020:

6 HIPO Use Cases.png

Ask about a U.S. HIPO report or subscribe to any of the top 25 metro areas that are most important to you. Equip yourself with actionable data that will help you maximize returns and minimize risk in 2020.

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