know the extended Stay Opportunity in any market

Exclusive provider of revenue performance data broken out by Length of Stay

Historically, extended-stay stakeholders have only had traditional performance metrics at their disposal. Given that Length of Stay is a key part of the equation for an extended-stay hotel analysis, underwriting was full of estimation and educated guesses, leading to incomplete analysis or even inaccurate valuations. 

Now, using the Site Selection Report from Kalibri Labs, stakeholders have access to Length of Stay (LOS) data, removing the guess work and allowing for much more informed investment or divestment strategies.


The Site Selection Report outlines accommodated and unaccommodated extended-stay demand within a given geographical area as compared to the larger market or total US. As an example, this report could show demand by Length of Stay in Austin, Texas broken out by the Austin sub-markets. View our Market Definitions.

The report highlights extended-stay opportunity based on actualized 7+ LOS and 30+ LOS reservations, as well as which types of hotels (extended-stay or non) this demand is currently being accommodated at.

Underwriters use the Site Selection Report to identify which markets have opportunity based off unaccommodated extended-stay demand and then more specifically, which submarkets to target in order to best capitalize on the opportunity.

Once the market is vetted and the best submarket is selected, the Length of Stay Trendline report is typically ordered for an added layer of granularity when evaluating a single hotel and/or grouping of hotels.

Details of the Extended Stay Site Selection report:


The demand analysis profiles 7+ LOS and 30+ LOS reservations broken out by extended-stay and non-extended stay brands to show how much LOS demand exists and which type of hotels are receiving these bookings.

The supply analysis profiles extended-stay hotel and non-extended stay hotel supply. This information for each submarket is then indexed against the total market performance to illustrate supply by submarket.


The market opportunity index is a calculation that identifies a geographic area where both: a relatively high amount of 7+ or 30+ reservations are being booked at non-extended stay hotels AND extended-stay supply is relatively low.