A powerful hotel revenue strategy Platform

It is time to strive for a hotel’s Optimal Business Mix, which is the best a property can achieve, rather than targeting the average performance of other nearby hotels.

Hummingbird PXM is a powerful revenue strategy platform built to plan, execute and measure a hotel’s progress against its Net Revenue targets. With booking costs and sales and marketing costs at 15-25% of Guest-Paid Revenue, this performance platform will enable hotel management to focus on profit contribution. Identify channels, rate categories, travel agencies and other accounts that have promise in a hotel's market.


PLAN a hotel's Optimal Business Mix by month based on a realistic view of the demand available in its market.

EXECUTE against the plan by identifying the best opportunities by Travel Agency, Channel and Rate Category, all displayed less cost of sales.

MEASURE the success of the plan to refine and improve each month.

Property Insights with Opportunities.png

Find Available Demand in your Market 

  • Target demand by channel and specific rate category for TA and non-TA business.
  • Discover gaps in market performance served up by Hummingbird that suggest available opportunity for your hotel vs. the benchmark

TPI screens.png

Get an Edge on Travel Agency Business

  • Identify the travel agency (TA) share by channel and action it using TA contact information
  • Understand the rate categories and channels being booked through each TA