Hotel Asset Value Analysis

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The Hotel Asset Value Analysis is a must for those involved in the acquisition and disposition of hotel real estate. It is ideal for hotel owners interested in buying or selling assets and all those supporting the hotel real estate community including brokers, appraisers, lenders, developers, and underwriters.

This report illustrates how to quantify the potential upside when determining the valuation of an asset. It compares the subject hotel to a local benchmark group to evaluate a realistic net revenue potential in a given market. It is ideal for brokers, appraisers and lenders to establish a more accurate asset value. The user can also understand the components that comprise the property’s revenue streams and all costs of acquisition for the best course of action to achieve optimal outcomes for the owner of the asset.

Hotel Asset Value Analysis Benefits:

  • Recognize the current revenue capture and the property's true potential versus a benchmark group
  • Calculate a more accurate asset valuation based on the property’s realistic potential upside
  • Understand the property's efficiency at revenue generation by source of business to better determine a hotel's optimal business mix

Hotel Underwriting and Development Report 

Hotel Underwriting Report Image.png

For owners, franchise operators and developers considering submarkets for investment opportunities - whether for new construction, divestment, or scouting the best market opportunities, this report provides a deep dive around demand characteristics and the business that exists in any given market.

The report is ideal for hotel owners and brands looking to expand a portfolio as well as for lenders, developers and underwriters.