QUANTIFY A hotel Asset’s POTENTIAL for profit

How to Read the Hotel Asset Value Analysis

This new hotel investment resource will serve brokers, lenders, appraisers, developers and brands by enabling better informed decisions for the routine activities associated with underwriting, loans, hold/divest plans, site selection and asset management.

The Hotel Asset Value Analysis (HAVA)  conveys data in a way that more accurately portrays a hotel’s actual position in the market. While competitive reports only provide a high level summary for top line occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, HAVA builds on that base by displaying the metrics NET of customer acquisition costs against the hotel’s designated benchmark group by source of business. The report quantifies the gap between the subject hotel and others in its market, to display the hotel’s opportunity to maximize its Revenue Capture or its Profit Contribution. Knowing this Revenue Capture differential can help decision makers assess the asset's true market value.

Sample content from HAVA Report:

Rev Capture sample 1.png

Indicates the subject hotel has Revenue Capture Potential of $640k

Demand share by SOB 2.png

Gives visibility into the various sources of business that drive revenue in the market