QUANTIFY A hotel Asset’s POTENTIAL for profit

Understanding the subject hotel’s revenue performance based on profit contribution and Revenue Capture* can help decision makers assess the most realistic market value of an asset.

The Benchmark & Trendline Report illustrates which sources of business are driving profit contribution by comparing the subject hotel--or sub-market for development--to its selected competitors. With insights into cost of guest acquisition, revenue performance can be evaluated by Net Revenue as well as traditional top-line revenue. This focus on Net Revenue provides a more accurate portrayal of the subject’s market position.

The traditional summary of top-line Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR does not accurately reflect performance in the high-cost digital market. The Benchmark & Trendline Report enables developers, investors, brokers, lenders, appraisers and brands to make better informed decisions for all activities associated with acquisitions, underwriting, and site selection.

Sample Benchmark & Trend Report content:

Toggle between RevPAR, ADR, & Occupancy across different revenue types in the Summary RevPAR by Month and Channel Distribution charts.


View Net Revenue Capture* Analysis and Cost of Sale graphs by time period in the Summary tab.

*Revenue Capture represents the proportion of room revenue generated net of all costs of acquisition. Revenue Capture % = (Net Revenue)/(Guest Paid Revenue).