Hotel industry research and thought leadership have always been core to Kalibri Labs' DNA. We have continued to grow our database in hotel and transaction volume over the last 6 years, and now have access to immense amounts of data across over 100 brands allowing us to provide unique and insightful analysis to the hotel investment and management community.

Featured Hospitality Industry Study

Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: Spotlight on the Hospitality Industry

This study takes a deep dive into the production data and associated costs of 25,000 hotels over the course of three years (2014-2016) and includes mapped performance patterns of each hotel segment. The three part series was produced by Kalibri Labs in collaboration with the AH&LA Consumer Innovation Forum and many industry sponsors. All three installments are now available!

Additional Hotel Industry Thought Leadership Studies

Our thought leadership special reports shed light on the industry's growing concerns over rising costs, third-party commissions and the erosion of a hotel's bottom line. The Kalibri Labs database, which includes data from over 31,000 hotels, continues to grow in size and granularity with a specific focus on customer acquisition costs. This coverage in scale and detail provides an expansive view of the U.S. hotel industry. 

Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: Spotlight on the Hospitality Industry

U.S. Groups and Meetings: The Economics and Complexity of Intermediation

Book Direct Campaigns: The Costs & Benefits of Loyalty

Distribution Channel Analysis: a Guide for Hotels