The Financial Impact of Changing Booking Behavior

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By Cindy Estis Green and Matt Carrier

Part 2 of the new special report from Kalibri Labs, Demystifying the Digital Marketplace: Spotlight on the Hospitality Industry, dives deeply into the intricacies of digital distribution and provides insights into what drives business today. The report is based on hotel production data ad associated costs for 25,000 hotels 2014-2016 to examine the patterns of performance by hotel type over time and is sponsored by many industry associations, including HFTP. The following excerpt shares key findings from Part 2 of the report.

The analysis looks at three types of revenue or ADR: guest-paid revenue or ADR includes everything paid to a hotel or third-party to account for merchant (NET) rates; hotel-collected revenue or ADR reflects the revenue the hotel collects and shows on the P&L statement; and COPE revenue or ADR (contribution to operating profit and expense) which is a type of net revenue that reflects the guest-paid revenue after moving all direct acquisition costs such as commissions, transaction fees, loyalty expenses and channel costs. At the U.S. aggregate level the study examines net revenue which additionally removes sales and marketing expense.

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