Which entity owns the hotel customer?

By: Mark Lomanno

It’s a common philosophical question among hoteliers, and of late, it has floated even more to the forefront of the minds of operators and thought leaders across the industry. With the advent of the internet, breadth of search functionality and purchase options available to hotel guests, it’s a question with many nuanced answers and an area that needs to be concretely addressed. The third-party intermediaries have offered an influx of “options” when it comes to transacting, but one must ask whether these options are truly a gateway or gatekeeper to higher guest satisfaction and increased occupancy.

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Before the technological developments in distribution, efforts in creating customer loyalty were focused on the competition between and among hotel properties and companies. Sales and marketing budgets were dedicated to promoting the unique selling propositions of the property and differentiating Hotel ABC from Hotel XYZ. Hotel marketers would highlight the benefits of Hotel ABC’s physical plant versus that of Hotel XYZ, and why this unique combination of space and service provides a superior overall guest experience.

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