The 3rd Dimension of the Hotel Business — Content

The 3rd Dimension of the Hotel Business — Content

Could the way that hotels deploy and manage content affect the sustainable health of the hotel industry?

“Content is king” is a commonly used aphorism, but what does that really mean? They say the currency of the digital economy is content but how does this affect a hotel? Content for the hotel industry means everything from hotel descriptions, photos and video, along with rates, availability and guestroom and meeting space inventory. Creating, curating and controlling content has been core to the strategy for the large tech companies. For example, Google is amassing the power to control the content for every aspect of the digital economy in many sectors, e.g., travel, retail, music, et al. Amazon has made similar headway in the retail merchandise markets.

Content enables the merchandising of products and services that ultimately results in sales. The better the content is, and the easier access one has to it, the more valuable it is. Whoever controls the content controls access to the consumer and in so doing, the ka-ching of the virtual cash registers.

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