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Kalibri Labs is a big data analytics firm specializing in hospitality that has built and maintains the industry’s largest database of daily revenue, ADR and room night data from over 33,000 hotels in partnership with over 100 hotel brands.


Supporting owners, operators, brands and the hotel investment community, Kalibri Labs quantifies opportunities and costs for operating in the digital market improving on the tools and metrics traditionally used in the analog world.


Kalibri Labs’ next-generation benchmarking, reports and Hummingbird PXM, Revenue Strategy platform, evaluate and predict the best a hotel can achieve in revenue performance on both a top line and on a flow-through basis.

Kalibri Lab's Optimal Business Mix algorithm powers next-generation benchmarking, reports and the Hummingbird PXM platform to enable a hotel to:

(1) target the best performance it can achieve on both top line and flow-through basis;

(2) quantify opportunities by segment/channel that comprise the target and measure outcomes and

(3) ensure customer acquisition spending is aligned with its optimal objectives.


The Kalibri Labs team is a group of seasoned executives with deep hospitality industry and technology experience and a passion for sustaining the industry’s financial health.

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Hummingbird PXM

Hotel Revenue Strategy Platform
Plan, Execute and Measure to achieve your Optimal Business Mix.

Benchmark & Trendline Report

The most granular insights available for hotel real estate due diligence.

Hotel Industry Performance Overview

Enhance your visibility into U.S. Hotel Market Level Performance, with a breakdown of customer acquisition costs and advanced metrics.

DMO Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of hotel demand for destinations and tourism organizations.

Kalibri Labs Hotel Database | by The Numbers