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View Demand Share Breakdown by Source of Business.

View Occupancy and Loyalty Contribution (Loyalty vs Non-Loyalty) with a trailing 12-month trendline.

So much has changed.

It’s time to track market performance that reflects the modern hotel booking landscape.

  • In addition to the traditional metrics of RevPAR, ADR and occupancy, the Hotel Industry Performance Overview (HIPO) break outs exclusive metrics such as net revenue, cost of acquisition, length of stay, booking lead time, loyalty contribution and online reputation.

  • HIPO displays all performance metrics by channel, hotel type (rate bands similar to chain scale), property size and major markets.  

HIPO features trailing 12-month trendline views for several key metrics, so you’ll be the first to see trends emerge over time. Subscriptions are available for the U.S. market as well as most popular destinations (MSAs).

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