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HITEC Toronto

  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, Ontario Canada (map)

HITEC Toronto Session: Demystifying Central Reservation/Distribution, Tuesday, June 27th (4:00PM-5:30PM)

Brands, Tech Giants and Apps: What is next in the digital marketplace?

This session will explore the current players in the digital marketplace and where things seem to be headed in the next few years. From Book Direct campaigns to Alexa, the industry has witnessed the changing behavior of consumers at a head spinning pace. The digital experience for shopping and buying is moving into the hotel stay. The growth of apps may start to replace use of traditional search. Combined with big-data algorithms driving recommendations to consumers, these apps may power most of the travel journey in the future. Can the hotel brands maintain control? With whom will independents partner to manage the growing demands of the consumer? How will the OTAs respond? What role will meta search play? Will apps really drive hotel choice? This and many other questions will be addressed.

Audience members will learn:

  1. how the distribution landscape has changed in the last year or two and where it is going in the next few years
  2. which business models are dominating the digital landscape and how it will affect consumers interaction with hotels
  3. how the cost of customer acquisition has changed and where the costs will be in the future