The Tools You need to Optimize Revenue Performance

Kalibri Labs helps hotels improve profit contribution by evaluating and predicting revenue performance net of customer acquisition costs. This enables hotels to better capture the highest possible percentage of Guest-Paid Revenue. 

Here’s how it works:

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We source individual checkout data records from every guest transaction along with customer acquisition cost information.

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We map the data into standardized outputs to compare across the industry

We analyze performance using our key Net Revenue metrics

We then provide insights, analysis & benchmarking to help hotels optimize their distribution channels and work to minimize customer acquisition costs.

Kalibri Labs provides insights into these 4 revenue types:

Hotel-Collected Revenue

  • Reflects the revenue the hotel collects and appears on the P&L statement. This does not includes transaction costs or commissions expenses and markups.

Guest-Paid Revenue

  • Reflects everything paid by a guest to a hotel or third-party for a hotel stay and includes the mark-up to account for Merchant (Net) rates – this is the real rate the guest is willing to pay.

COPE Revenue (Contribution to Operating Profit and Expense) 

  • Reflects the Guest-Paid Revenue after removing all direct acquisition costs such as commissions, transaction fees and channel costs.. 

Net Revenue

  • Reflects revenue after additionally removing Sales and Marketing expense.

“Moving to Net Revenue metrics is key to understanding the true cost of customer acquisition and optimizing our business mix. This is a big focus of Two Roads for 2017. Kalibri Labs is instrumental in supporting me and my team through this educational process.”
— Kathleen Cullen, SVP Revenue & Distribution, Two Roads Hospitality